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John Essmat

Marketing Consultant

“John Essmat is on a mission to help you build a company people truly Love!”

John is a Marketing Consultant. Since 2007, after he made a career shift from Civil Engineering to Marketing, he has been helping brands in making their online statement with powerful and creative techniques.

As a certified Inbound Marketer, specialized in creating unique result oriented marketing strategies and conducting training sessions, John's job is to target leads, convert them to clients and to delight customers through a detailed process.

With his background in marketing, John’s strategies were implied in different corporates across the world. Among these are Let’s market it in Canada which he helped with their Inbound Marketing approach, Brand Moxie in Abu Dhabi which he was able to increase their clients reach and SYE in Egypt which he played a huge role in by building up their brand and expanding their presence from one branch to three in a short period of time.
Along with these, John has done both marketing and sales training to different companies as Al Hayah Real Estate, Vidal, Orthohouse, Simplex, El Ahram Real Estate, Ibn Sina Training Academy and several others. Moreover, he assisted individuals both online and offline with marketing techniques in the form of training.

When John isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time in street photography, meeting creative people, and trying very hard not to think of coffee!

That's not giving you a lot of details, is it? So check his website here: