Personal Branding Book Egyptian Arabic

The book is a summary of a comprehensive course about Personal Branding Available in classical and colloquial Arabic, when you book your copy, choose the language that best suits you to start reading the book online on our website.

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ازاي تنقل شركتك اونلاين

سواء ده موضوع بالنسبالك مؤقت أو مستمر الشغل اونلاين اثبت انه لو اتعمل صح مع الناس الصح بتكون نتايجه مبهره من ناحية الانتاج وكمان من ناحية رضا الفريق عن شغلهم وشركتهم. ازاي توصل لكده؟

ليه في ناس مبتحبش التفاوض؟

ليه في ناس مبتحبش التفاوض؟ هل التفاوض حاجة وحشة؟ طب اعمل ايه لما حد يتفاوض معايا؟...ده الموضوع اللي هنتكلم عليه انهاردة


Michael Terry
“ had the pleasure of working with John over varies projects related to digital marketing. He is a very meticulous person with extensive experience in inbound marketing. ”
Jalal Hasbini
Digital Marketer in a Digital World-Toronto
Michael Terry
“ I had the pleasure of working with John during the entire duration of his career at SYE- He is an exemplary leader and marketeer,he is passionate about every detail and meticulous in his planning. ”
Yusha Charles
Teacher, dreamweaver, inspirationalist-Cairo
Michael Terry
“ John Essmat is a great guy to work with; he is professional, focused and highly dependable. I recommend him unconditionally. ”
Sana Bagersh
CEO BrandMoxie-Abu Dhabi
Michael Terry
“ It's rare that you come across a standout talented individual like John. I had the pleasure of working with him at BrandMoxie, collaborating on several strategic projects. ”
Manjul Abhishek
Strategic Corporate Communications-Abu Dhabi